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Education in universities associated with the implementation of a large number of written scientific works. Starting from the first courses, many students who value their time try to entrust this part of the work to professionals. The reason for this decision may be a lack of time or lack of confidence in their own abilities. Each student work must be completed on time and meet the standards of GOST. Rules for writing coursework Even if a student has entrusted the implementation of the coursework professional, he still needs to know the rules and requirements that are imposed by the educational system on writing and design work. The topic of the course work is indicated by the teacher. He also recommends the scientific literature, which can be used, determines the amount of work, and sets the terms of its delivery. If a student decides to write a term paper independently, he needs to know the sequence and rules for its creation. This will facilitate the task and reduce thetime to complete the work. 
First you need to prepare literary sources, analyze them and select the most necessary information. 

The amount of information removed from textbooks should not exceed the permissible rate, since coursework involves the author’s own deduction based on scientific facts and evidence, and not the reprinting of someone else’s text. Each excerpt from the textbook must be accompanied by personal comments and judgments. After the necessary literature is selected, the student forms the content of the course work based on the plan, which consists of: introduction, main part, final part and conclusions. In order to correctly write a term paper, you need to know the content of each chapter, namely: the introduction reveals the topic of the course work, specifies the goals and objectives that need to be addressed, the main part is carried out research work using specially selected research methods practical, visual, analytical, comparative and others; The final part or conclusion of the course work is the final one, the results obtained duringthe research are described here, and the chapter with conclusions determines the relevance of the topic being studied. Based on this plan, writing a term paper will be much easier and faster. If there is a draft course work, then it will not be difficult to arrange it using Word.To do this, it is enough to know the standards of GOST and apply them in practice. First of all, the rules concern the font, its size and color.

For the design of the coursework, the classic style of the font is chosen, the size is 14 kegel with one and a half indent black. Indents of printed text from the page margins should be 1.5 cm from the top, bottom and right edges and 3 cm from the left edge. Each chapter begins with a new page. The title of the chapter shall be capitalized in the center of the top of the sheet. All sheets are stitched and numbered in Arabic numerals, most often in the lower middle of the sheet. Details of coursework are specified in the guidelines of your school. For students who have difficulty writing and completing a term paper, we offer the services of professional specialists teachers with extensive experience in academic activities.